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Mentoring Program

The North Carolina Cooperative Extension Mentoring Program provides a professional, educational and personal support system for new Extension professionals through the assignment of a designated Mentor. The Mentoring Program provides a formalized relationship where the new employee will:

  • learn about the importance of their role to N.C. Cooperative Extension and the citizens of North Carolina;
  • build a relationship with a trusted advisor so that they may be exposed to the culture, expectations, and functions of N.C. Cooperative Extension;
  • develop as an Extension professional with the support and guidance of not only their County Extension Director (CED) and colleagues, but also with the focused support and direction from their peer Mentor.

Employees with three or more years of experience are nominated by the District Extension Director/Regional Extension Director (DED/RED) and their CED to be a Mentor. New hires will be paired with a Mentor based several factors, including but not limited to subject matter, programmatic area and physical location. Mentors and Mentees will receive an invitation to register for the Mentoring Program Training, which is offered on the first Tuesday of every month.

Mentors and Mentees should review the Mentoring Program resources and the Desk Reference Guide before meeting for the first time.

Mentoring Program Resources